Text Box: Victory’s Dynamic Propeller Balancing

During a recent formation flying exercise my wingman asked me “what’s up with that tail vibration?”  Looking back I saw what he was talking about. The tail on my Swift was vibrating at a noticeable level. We decided to land and try to figure out what the problem was. Looking through the log books we discovered that the propeller had been replaced after the previous one been severely dinged by a rock.

Since we couldn’t find an entry that said that the prop had been balanced, we decided to give that a try. It was like night and day! I hadn’t realized it, but the entire airplane had been subjected to a pretty severe vibration due to the out of balance propeller. After the dynamic propeller balance, the airplane didn’t shake at low RPMs anymore, power delivery was now smooth through the entire RPM range, and the tail vibration at cruise was gone. What surprised me was the added benefit of an extra 100 RPM on takeoff. I just bought another airplane and we’re already on Kregg’s schedule!

If spins, it should be balanced!
Blue skies!

Mark Kadrich

President Reid-Hillview Airport Association




We had one Citabria done as a trial run. It made such a difference that we proceeded to balance the whole fleet - five Citabrias and a Cessna 172.

We are also planning to balance the two Champs and a Taylorcraft.There was a noticeable improvement in smoothness and lack of vibration, especially at moderate and high power, such as cruise and climb power settings. In full power climb we get 20-30 extra rpm. Interestingly, on the ground, both at idle and taxi power settings the planes are also much smoother

I'd recommend Kregg unreservedly. He goes the extra mile to bring any imbalance down to the absolute minimum, and he shares with you the graphical results. The improvements are immediate

I wonder how much longer our landing light bulbs will now last.

Zdravko Podolski

Owner, Amelia Reid Aviation, Reid Hillview Airport, San Jose, CA



Kregg Victory  408-836-5122                 email:  kregg@balancemyprop.com

I have a Kolb Mark III with a Rotax 912UL 80 horsepower motor turning a 3-bladed IVO Prop. Before I had any balancing at all the entire plane would shudder at certain RPMs in flight, but power on takeoff would come in smoothly, or so I thought. With the 3-bladed prop I did have a harmonic sound that could be heard from the ground, sort of a rythmic waaa-waa sound. The vibration eventually caused my original exhaust to crack - costing over $1000.00 to fix and 3 month's down time.

I had the prop statically balanced and it helped a little, but not much. Then I had Kregg dynamically balance the prop. Using his computer, Kregg instantly identified that the drivetrain was substantially out of balance. With just a few run-ups he knew right where to put the weight to get the balance nearly perfect. The whole process was quick, easy and pretty cool to watch.

What a difference! I didn't know how bad things were until Victory's fixed them. Power comes up so smoothly now it's amazing that I put up with things the way they were, for even one flight. Gliding at idle power is quieter and smoother, power comes up faster on take off and the harmonic waa-waas are gone. Victory's Dynamic Propeller Balancing is worth every penny just for the increased comfort and performance. But I'm sure it will reduce wear, and reduce the need to change out cracked exhaust and motor mounts as well. 

Thanks Kregg!

Chris Banys